Anyone still here?

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Welcome To The Yellow Army of CP

You probably just saw penguins on recruiting saying “Join Yellow Army of CP” and stuff like that. Just head over to the join page, fill out a comment, and then head over to the chat! If no one is on the chat just check back some other time, and ALWAYS check back on the website for updates!!!

Welcome Back

July 1, 2011 by

Hello. This Jcool, former leader of the Yellow Army. I just want to let everyone know that we are back in business and I’m leading again. The Yellow Army of CP is about to become huge.

– Jcool

A new army

August 17, 2010 by

As many people have already been able to tell a lot of people want me in back as leader, and some of the people actually quit PCC over it. Well I am not coming back to PCC, but if you want to be in an army I DO lead, go to We are the Green Vikings of CP!!!

Recruiting Session

August 9, 2010 by

Okay people this army is going dead.. So what we need to start recruiting. So for that matter i’m making a session for A recruitment. The date we will do this will be held on Saturday Aug. 14 At 1:00 P.M. Eastern Time.. Ok Thats All For Now                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       -Mikemurf11

Its Time

August 6, 2010 by

Ok, Well it looks like we really need to pick things up. What we are going to start doing is recruiting more. And if your able to recruit people then you get promoted Alot faster. We need to get this stuff up or there was no use in getting this chat back in order. So now we are going to have more recruiting sessions. Whoever is there gets more of a chance for Promo. And if you are able to Recruit people on your own without us doing a session of recruiting. Then you most likely will get Promo’d ok well later ill post about our First Training Session…


The new era.

August 4, 2010 by

Hello again. It is me Alex_N. Today I would like to announce that there will be two leaders. Those will be, Me and Mike. I will head the bigger picture stuff, Like bills, Delcaring war, Government, Ect ect. Mike will lead the day to day operations like recuriting and battles. That is all.

Also check out the ranks page.

-From the basement of Alex_N.

This is it?

August 3, 2010 by

Well in the last week and a half I have been very busy as my parents bought season passes to a water park and forced me to go everyday. In that time I was betrayed and kicked out of my leader position. I came back yesterday and then did I figure that out, and I convinced Alex to give me a week to prove I can stay active. First off, I had no choice in being inactive in the last week, and I had no access to internet at the time and therefore I could not make a post. The day before I went to the Water Park I informed Kcool that I was going to be on less the next week and for him to host some events and I assumed he would tell you guys. Apparently not. Also with Alex’s post about me not being leader anymore a lot of the noobs in this army commented about how Im not the best of leader. I did everything a leader could do, and all the noobs are just power hungry, so if they don’t get one promotion or something, that makes me the worst leader in the world. Alex, you can have that week back. Because obviously this army is infested with many noobs that do not want me here, and in the last week I was gone I have lost interest in CP armies (Osprey even said I can have his army of noobs when he made me leader a while back) so I don’t think I will be anywhere near as active as I was before. Chances are I will come back sooner or later, but if I do, I request that whoever the leader at that time of this army is gives me a high rank so I can use my full potential on this army. (write posts, improve the sites widgets and looks, make epic recruitment videos, and post all the pics I take at battles) Otherwise, I don’t think coming back anytime would be worth it.

If I was still leader, this would be my words to any noobs here that don’t shut up about getting a promotion:

Doing what you do in the army is expected from you, and you should not be reward for doing what’s expected. You should be rewarded for doing above and beyond what is expected, and I clearly stated that you will get a promotion if you show up to an event that is successful (exp. winning a war) and the fact that you keep complaining about not getting promoted in chat or in comments on this website proves that you are just power hungry. I’ve been in cp armies for two years, and this army is the first one I’ve ever lead that was to the point of being successful. So don’t expect to be a leader in just a little over a month especially when this is the first army you have been in. Not all of you are noobs though, there are a lot of people here that put in 110% effort and I thank you for that. But I’m not mentioning any names, because if you’re not in that list, you’re probably just going to assume I think you’re a noob (which is not necessarily true).

So that’s it, I gave it my best, I was forced to be inactive for a week, and this is what I get (this is what I get every time I’m in a cp army even sometimes when I am active always) So enjoy this cp army Alex, because the stress you get from leading it is not worth leading. So I hope you have fun 🙂


P.S I’ll still be on chats frequently to visit, so don’t be a noob abuse your powers and ban me just because I’m not in the army anymore (Mike).

The Revolution is now!

August 2, 2010 by

Dear fellow PCC Soilders. It is I, Alex_N. Jcool and Kcool no longer are leaders. With Osperys Approval. I have started A Revolution to bring PCC back to its former strength. I am reseting the Chat box so Jcool can not Take over the chat. Ospery will now the password. You will ALL be restored to your chat rank as soon as your on.

Comment on this post if you are active.

That is all

-From the Basement of Alex_N

Recruiting and Training

August 1, 2010 by

Hello! It’s Osprey, just checking in. I see we haven’t had many events lately. I’m going to schedule some training and recruiting. I wont show up but you guys need an event (and a better header, hehe).

Recruiting and Training on MOUNTAIN


11:00 am PST

11 am Pacific

12 pm Mountain

1 pm Central

2 pm Eastern

7 pm GMT